Paint and Sip for the Holiday Season in Melbourne

When having painting parties in Melbourne, one of the ways to begin that artistic journey is organizing a paint and sip training session. Such an unforgettable experience is specifically tailored for you with professional art instructors who can guide and train you. And in the season, you can bring together friends, family members, colleagues and co-workers. In the end, you can create a masterpiece that can give you great reasons to want to do it again. Visit for more about Paint and Sip.

At Pinot& Picasso, one can also enrol in a public, private or corporate paint and sip event. Below are some of the top reasons you should choose paint and sip sessions to fill your holiday season. Moreover, it gives you a full time for fun and encourages your creative instincts for productivity. Now, let us consider some of these reasons more clearly.

Paint Parties are Cost-Effective

The holiday party is one thing that people find hard to turn down. But even if you don’t like it at first, by the time you consider the direct benefits of a paint and sip session in Melbourne. On the other hand, organizing an entire holiday without paint party plans can become very expensive. Whereas, when you convert what should have been the holiday party into a paint and sip session, you maximize the opportunity and save cost.

At the same time, paint and sip parties in Melbourne allows you to escape the accruement of costs that occur during regular holidays. How? You only need to pay for colour and sip party once, covering every need for the season. In paint parties, there is no room for extra or hidden fees that can accumulate. All you may have to do is grab a bottle of your favourite drink with your subscription fee. And you have access to 2 to 3 hours of intensive fun-filled activity. 

It involves Minimal Planning 

Unlike regular parties and trips during holidays, a paint and sip session does not take as much planning. On the one hand, a corporate event or party requires many factors, meetings, logistics and other aspects to have a successful one. On the other hand, the preparation for the training is critical, but for a paint and sip party, you have little things to worry about. If you have a short time preparing for the event, a paint and sip party can save you because you only need to buy a few materials. 

Paint and Sip levels everyone

Paint and sip parties are an even playing ground for everyone during the holiday season. The reason is that there is an opportunity for each person to present their ingenuity. Even if you have no prior idea of painting, you find everyone learning to paint when you come to a paint and sip party. 

So, there really is no reason for anyone to lay back or feel odd; painting together actually removes the possibility of that. The same system applies to achieve corporate team building during the holiday vacation. And many more multinational companies should start considering paint and sip activities. 

Fun in its purest form

There are not many activities during the holiday that brings as much fun as the paint and sip events. More importantly, they comprise fresh opportunities to revive the innate desire to express our inward imaginations in ink. At the same time, it removes everything we picked up later in life that has surprised the child-like freedom of mind and thoughts that we used to have. For instance, no reason for being athletic, stressed, uncomfortable, shy or competitive when painting and sipping your drink at the party. Thinking this way also removes all possible stress. It allows the team or family morale to grow more or less naturally.  Click here to read about Where to Find the Best Painting Supplies for Your Next Paint and Sip Party in Melbourne.

Shared goals

When the team that enrols for the holiday season during the paint and sip shows up, all team members can have equal fun. However, the bottom line is that everyone involved with the painting process must pay the required sacrifice to see it through. Otherwise, the fault of the final outcome will be yours. Meanwhile, team members in the same paint and sip class can learn to work towards a common goal shared into bits and replicas. Developing such a teamwork mindset is a great way to overcome challenges, even in real life. So, while everybody gets to work on their own version of the same painting, each person also learns to respect each other’s perspective in interpreting the ordinary art masterpiece. 

Definite time frame

There is a designated time for the painting party to take place for the set time for the first few hours. Whereas it is actually not the particular activity that runs on the larger time frame. But it is easier and wiser to schedule activities within the designated time, which is a skill you can learn from the painting party. At the same time, when you learn to master your time to achieve the desired success, it helps you in other activities in life. For instance, in a corporate setting where work is done in a chain reaction, managing your time prevents seeping into someone else’s time. Meanwhile, you can better balance work and life when distinguishing your corporate hours and assignment from personal ones. 

How to Save money through hosting a paint and Sip Nights

No doubt, the two significant benefits of paint and sip parties involves getting to paint in a no-tension environment and drinking while you do it. In addition, you tend to take your personal painting home as reference material for the future and fond memories. However, some of the classes can be relatively expensive, but when compared to organizing a typical full-blown party, then paint partying is more economical. Below are some crucial suggestions for the best experience during paint and sip in the holiday season.

  1. Stock up all the necessary supplies
  2. Find a beginner video for painting online (via YouTube), especially if you are not a professional artist yourself
  3. Set a playlist for music in the mood
  4. Buy a bottle of your favourite wine
  5. Bring in a couple of friends to initiate the party mood
  6. Organize and arrange the venue for the paint party
  7. Distribute the materials that are needed for the painting
  8. Set people on their respective canvas to get ready
  9. Let the painting begin