Best Marketing Ideas For Your Hair Salon In Paddington

It’s one thing to set up a hair salon; it’s another to get people patronizing loyally. For many people who think setting up is the most significant task in owning a successful business, how do you rate marketing?

The word success in ‘successful business’ cannot exist without proper, deliberate, targeted marketing strategies for any business. If you care enough for the truth, the same things go with the hair salon business. 

In an area like Paddington, where hair salon abounds within the boundaries of the west end of London, you need practical solid marketing strategies to put your hair salon at the forefront of the market. 

Generally, most people seek to patronize a perfect salon. They find it difficult to risk trusting hair with a newly established hair salon. Do not blame them; I would want to do the same unless I have seen what wonder the salon could perform. 

Are you just starting your Paddington hair salon, and you are expecting people to start flocking-in in folds? I was once like that when I started my hair salon business. My first challenge was how to make people patronize my business. 

I tried several ways to create awareness, some of which never fetched me what I expected. However, some of them worked perfectly and rocketed my business to stand amidst A-rated salons in the industry. Since you are also in the stage I was several years ago; it’s my pleasure to share some of the tested and trusted marketing ideas that fetched me huge customer patronage and high revenue in returns. click here to learn about Services Provided By A Paddington Hair Salon.

So, how do you start from scratch and gain recognition within your first year of establishment? Read on to unveil the best practical marketing ideas to stand your hair salon business out from the crowd. 

1. Offer exceptionally customer service 

What you offer and how you treat your customers determine whether you will see them later or never. I put this on top of my list because gaining customers is not as crucial as retaining them. It is not how many customers you can attract that bring you profits but how many you can keep. 

Talking about marketing a hair salon, it all starts from what you offer. Yes. Customers will come when you advertise, but they will leave if they can’t get what they want. 

Treat your customers like a king. Make sure that you deliver up to their taste and preferences. Then, you will see them knocking at your door day in, day out. 

Customers love to take their hair to a salon where they can show their preferred hairstyles to the stylist, and he/she will do just that. Make sure you hire experienced staff that can give your customers their desired hairstyles accurately. If you get that right, you are already on the way to the top. visit to learn more about exceptionally customer service.

2. Offer referral discounts

This one has worked for me excellently. So, you can take that clue. I have studied my customers’ attitudes over time, and I know much about their customer behaviors. Once a customer finds a place they love, they will ask all their friends and family to go there. Here’s the secret: they want you to recognize their marketing efforts for your business. 

So, giving your customers bonuses for bringing another customer will make them feel appreciated and motivate them to get more. Depending on the format you prefer, you can cut down about 30% off their standard pay or give them a free hairdo after some referrals. It works like magic.

2. Offer referral discounts

In this present age, your business is no business if you don’t have a credible website. Your business website is its window to the world and a point of contact for even local customers. Your hair salon website must be attractive, easy to use, and contains engaging content that can provide helpful information to visitors. 

In some cases, potential customers would want to visit your website to know about your pricing, special offers, location, and other vital information.

You can contact a specialized web designer to help you develop a friendly, engaging website to increase your hair salon business’s credibility. Ensure that your website is accessible both on desktop and mobile devices.   

4. Create a customer-oriented loyalty program

Whether you like it or not, your customers want to know that you recognize and care for their constant patronage. Loyalty programs help businesses to get new customers and retain the existing ones. It is a brilliant business idea to create something personal that your customers can join to unlock new opportunities, a token to appreciate them for their patronage.

Suppose you are setting up a hair salon where competition is super high. In that case, you need to develop a customer-engaging loyalty program to persuade your customers to spend their income on your business.

A few types of loyalty programs you can choose from include:

  • Points programs

In this type of program, customers would have to keep patronizing for a specified period to earn points. They could redeem those points either in the form of gifts, souvenirs, discounts, or a free hairdo.  

  • Tiered programs

This type of program requires customers to move from one tier to another—the higher the tier, the better the rewards. Many business owners prefer this type of program because it motivates customers to unlock a new level of more incredible benefits. 

  • Cashback programs

Cashback programs are similar to points programs. Your customers get rewards after spending a certain amount in your hair salon. They are very straightforward to use for customers and easy to maintain for business owners. 

  • Punch card programs 

Using this program, you would have to give your program members a punched card whenever they use your service. When they fill out the card, they redeem their rewards. 

5. Yelp

If you have a hair salon and are not on Yelp, you miss out big time. It’s a place where you can upload lovely photographs of your salon and respond to numerous customers’ reviews. You can offer your customers discounts on the platform. 


Marketing your hair salon in Paddington deserves all the efforts as it determines how much revenue your business generates in the long run. Know that your rivals are also making efforts to get the same customers you are targeting. So, you can’t afford to take marketing with levity.